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Decentralized solutions empowered by Data Science.

Astrid is a company specialized in the development of hybrid solutions both including Blockchain and Data Science.

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Not just Developers
but also Analysts.

Astrid is a team specialized in Smart Contract Development on any Blockchain and on-chain data mining to create interesting metrics. This means that we can develop your smart contract and extract data from it to understand important statistics and use them to improve your project or show them to your audience (example: we create your DeFi protocol and develop software that helps you understand the most use or we grow your NFT collection and build an awesome landing page showing statistics about its growth). We apply our skills to help company through our consulting service and We also develop our own softwares. There are endless possibilities to apply our skills.

Our skills
at your disposal.

Blockchain Development

We can develop any type of Smart Contract on any Blockchain. We can develop dApps on Ethereum, any EVM Blockchain (Polygon, Avax, BSC etc...) or even Elrond, Solana and any other Rust-familiar blockchain.

Blockchain Analytics

We know the best on-chain data mining techniques for any blockchain. We can extract data and display it on awesome UI or make it available to you via different file formats or Rest API.

Data Science

The data we extract can be processed to build awesome metrics: we can study statistics, correlations or develop machine learning models to predict future trends.

Build your project with best available technologies.

Working across multiple Entities.

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