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What is ChainGate?

ChainGate is an AI Model that allow users to save Gas Fee and Blockchain to avoid congestion issues. It predicts the value of the Gas Price up to tens of hours and schedule transactions of users basing on two parameters. Take the minting of an NFT as an example: One user performs a transaction at 18:00 and another user performs the same transaction at 20:00, when the Ethereum network is less congested. The second user pays a fee to the network of 0.001 Ether when the first user to perform the same transaction pays 0.0013 Ether, resulting in a 30% saving. Imagine an Artificial Intelligence capable of predicting when the network is less congested and suggesting at that time the execution of the transaction, in a systematic way. Whether you were a company or an individual user, the savings would amount to hundreds to thousands of Ether each year.

Actually ChainGate works only on the chain that mostly suffers from congestion and high gas fees issues: Ethereum. We plan to expand it to more chains that suffer from those issues.

Who can use ChainGate?

ChainGate is a service designed to involve everyone who uses the Ethereum network and beyond:

-Users: If you are a user performing transactions on Ethereum, we have created a simple UI where you can use the ChainGate AI in a simple, effective and secure way
-Web2 Companies: whether you are a CEX, a wallet or any company using the blockchain, we can help you embrace AI, reducing gas fees and helping to reduce congestion on Ethereum. For you, we have developed an API Rest service that allows you to schedule transactions automatically
-Web3 dApps: If you have a dApp on Ethereum and would like to have the same benefits as described in the 'Web2 Companies' field, we have developed a Rest API system that can be used via Oracles to be integrated directly into your dApp.

You can start using
ChainGate right now.

If you are a user and wants to interact with ChainGate, or wants to know more about how it works, feel free to check those links below:

If you are a developer, a member of a team/organization, feel free to check those links below:

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