Use Astrid’s technologies on the Blockchain. Fast and Safely .

We established a partnership with DataWhale from the Ocean Protocol. Our goal is to make all our Datasets and Al Models available to everyone. Go on reading to discover more.

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What are datasets and Al algorithms ?

The modern society , thanks to the adoption of more and more efficient and fast technologies , is able to produce billions of data bytes everyday that are then collected , processed and analyzed.
In this way it is possible to optimize the mode of production in a factory , an app service and much more.
The development of high-tech hardware components has permitted the diffusion of artificial intelligence algorithms.
These advanced data analysis algorithms allow you to estimate the probability of a future event based on past data . The most advanced artificial intelligence applications are quite similar to the real brain functions.
The data that allow the Al models training are collected ,processed and stored in the Datasets.
They often represent the key element for developing high-performing Al models , since a big quantity of data produce more accurate models .

How do you combine the artificial intelligence with the blockchain?

Despite the big diffusion of these algorithms , the Al field still presents many problems.
Millions of data are hacked and cyber-criminals illegally take them. They can also be used without the owner consent for the marketing or to train algorithms for speculative reasons.
The blockchain is a technology that introduces a concept never used before: the Ownership of your own data.
Through it, everyone is owner of his own data and can decide how to manage them.

Now we can introduce the idea behind Ocean Protocol, an ecosystem with an enormous potential in the blockchain field. They want to introduce the concept of data ownership also in the data science world. The developers will be able to use Datasets and Al models through the security and the performance of the blockchain, without abusing of thedata and models available, thanks to a Firewall introduced by Ocean. In this way, the developer can use data and models , giving specific X features as input and receiving an Y target as output.

Where can I get Astrid's Datasets&Models?

You will soon be able to explore Astrid's technologies on Ocean Marketplace V4. We are currently working on a Dataset contains different NFTs Data.